Our Team

NVP maintains a pool of 20000 committed volunteers to provide help to the government, its development partners, and other philanthropic initiatives addressing social, environmental and economic contingencies emanating from the recent earthquake and beyond. To maintain, channelise and mobilise this pool of volunteers in various nation-building efforts, NVP has set up a National Secretariat in Kathmandu that maintains a team of dynamic Nepali youth all across Nepal who believe in ‘Volunteerism’, are committed to server their nation, and lead Nepal towards sustainable path. Our effort is to keep this team as inclusive as possible on all grounds.

District Coordinators

Ali Asgar Dewan, PARSA
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Ali Asgar Dewan (28), coordinator of Parsa is currently a devoted Social Worker and has been working in Red Cross since 2060 B.S. He has attended trainings of First Aid from Red Cross as well as Career Development and Human Rights. Currently he is doing his Master’s in Business Studies. Apart from social work, he has a keen interest in performing awareness related Street Drama and Stage Drama, volunteering activities, and cleanliness campaigns. When asked about what aim he wants to pursue in his upcoming future, he eyes on becoming a Social Worker. Even though he had not been involved in NVP, he is really happy toget the opportunity to work with NVP.

Ananta Kumar Baniya, MAKWANPUR
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Ananta Kumar Baniya(28), coordinator of Makwanpur is an active Social worker. He has been working in NGO/INGO sector since last 10 years. He has been involved in Education, Project Management, Program Design, Monitoring and Evaluation, Research / Survey/ Baseline survey, Nutrition especially women of reproductive age and children under the age of two, attitude and behavior change, Livelihood, capacity building, organizational development, Health and WASH in emergency, Shelter in Emergency. After the recent devastating earthquake, he responded back to the people immediately with his NDRT skills and got himself involved with the team of rescue and rehabilitation. He managed to deploy local volunteers in different (Relief/Rescue) activities inside Makawanpur with a broad vision of volunteering.Apart from social work, he is also interested in youth leadership and volunteer service. Beinga district coordinator of the NVP for Makawanpur, he is determined to be focused on providing skill based trainings to the national volunteers of Makawanpur with the coordination of NVP.

Arjun Dahal, DOLKHA
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Arjun Dahal (27), coordinator of Dolakha has been selflessly contributing in the social sector for the last 13 years. He was recently involved in Participatory Rural Development Program (PRDP) as the National Secretary, Association of youth organization (AYON) as executive member and Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ), Dolakha Branch, as executive member. Currently he is reporting for setopati.com, a leading online portal. He was a reporter to BBC Media Action, Antenna Foundation and other reputed media in the past. After the devastating earthquake, he worked in remote village area of Dolakha district, distributed relief and conducted other related programmes. His aim is to cover voiceless story in media. He is also a writer of book named “Yasto Nahos Sabhasad ko Niyat” (research book based on constitution Assembly 1). He has received Gratitude Letter from Press Chautary Nepal Dolakha Branch for best development reporting, Congratulation Letter from Manaka Kura Magazine Kathmandu for best article and Letter of Appreciation from Radio Sailung Community FM, Charikot Dolakha for best reporting and many more. He believes NVP  has helped to spread a shared platform for all the youth in a positive way; to show and make use of their talents and give opportunities to contribute others for their happiness. He is very thankful  towards NVP for having given him such great oppertunitites. 

Baburam Paudel, ARHHAKHANCHI
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Baburam paudel (37) has been selflessly contributing in the social sector for 18 years. He is recently involved in Democratic NGO Federation (FEDEN) as the National member. Being an active guy, he started vibrating his network for help. After the earthquake, he visited all the villages with other members. Under this team, the relief distribution was organized throughout the district. He also actively involved in reconstruction of the district after the damage made by Maoists as a President of Sandhikharka Wangla town development committee ( Nagar Bikash Samiti ) conducted by the government of Nepal.  

Bhagiram Tharu, BARDIYA
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Bhagiram Tharu(34), coordinator of Bardiya, is an active social worker of the Terai region. Currently, he is the president of the Village Child Safety Committee and coordinator of Samudayik Mel-milap Center. He has been working actively in development sector of Bardiya District. He had experiences of M&E on development planning and distributes electricity over the VDCs. During the critical time of flood in Terai area, he actively involved himself in rescue and relief. He has attended psychosocial training and facilitated the training of nutrition and skill development. In his upcoming future he wants to continue working in social sector. He says that as a social worker, he is very glad to be a part of NVP as a district coordinator. He says he does not let go of opportunities where he can share the concept of NVP.    

Birendra Chaudhary, KAILALI
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Birendra Chaudhary(29), coordinator of Kailali, has worked as district coordinator for Kailali Kanchanpur Rural Electrification Umbrella Organization (KKREUO). During his engagement in KKREUO, his major focus was on indoor air pollution control, livelihood promotion, solid firewood consumption reduction and promotion of Biomass/Alternative energy in his district. He leads his own local organization called ESI Nepal. The main objectives of establishment of ESI Nepal is to empower local youths and to engage them for various kinds of sustainable development works. He, along with his team from ‘Tharu Youth Volunteering Organization’, has initiated a trust called ‘emergency relief trust’ for helping Tharu youths in the time of emergency. He has experience of community disaster risk reduction training and facilitated the first aid training, renewable energy training, TOT training and improvised cooking stove as well. His key area of interest is social working and wants to be successful social activist. He says he is very fortunate to be working with NVP, as a district coordinator. He belives NVP is a platform to show hidden talent.  

Chandra Kala Chhetri, SINDHUPALCHOWK
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  Chandra Kala Chherti(24), coordinator of Sindhupalchok is a passionate youth and a technician in the Radio program. She is studying ‘Populations’ as a grade 12 student . She did relief works for needy and poor people in coordination with NVP after the earthquake. Her key interests are Youth advocacy and social work. Her aim is to make home for elderly people. She considers herself honored to have gotten such a responsibility through NVP. She gives credit to NVP for having gained such opportunities to learn and work. Working in many districts, she says NVP had given her the opportunities to connect other places in Nepal, making her more knowledgeable about her nation.

Deep Narayan Shrestha, SHINDHULI
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   Deep Narayan Shrestha(34), coordinator of Sindhuli is a vice secretary of the Nepal Red Cross Society, Sindhuli and is a graduate in Sociology. Along with this, he has an experience of facilitating trainings on volunteer management and first aid. He also facilitated the training of DDRD, Child Center Disaster Risk Management and ways to make Community Action Plan for students. After the earthquake, he worked on rescue and relief coordination with Nepal Army and District in-charge. His key area of interest is Social Working and Advocacy. He feels NP to be a good program which has made him more responsible and had helped him to learn a lot about time management. As a district coordinator he also looks forward to gaining training and orientation from NVP. In the future he wants to continue devoting his whole life to social work.  

Dipika Karki, DHANUSHA
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 Dipika Karki (27), coordinator of Dhanusa, is a student of educational studies. She is currently a teacher at Shree Raj janak Janma Secondary school. She is also associated with Samaj Bikash Path as a volunteer. After the earthquake she went to Dolakha district and volunteered through Samaj Bikash Path. She has attended training in disaster management. She is passionate on social working and wants to help needy people. She is also interested in dancing and acting. She aims to develop her village Field-tole. She aims to provide employment opportunities and deal with gender equality. As a district coordinator , she feels happy, confident and stronger and says NVP had made her a proud woman embracing her responsibilities.    

Ganesh Dhungana, DHADING
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   Ganesh Dhungana(35), coordinator of Dhading, has been selflessly contributing in the social sector for the last 12 years. He is recently involved in Pragyaik Vidharthi Parishad (PVP) as the National Secretary. After the earthquake, he planned a quick trip to Dhading, with the help of 60 active volunteers from his place he led them in the relief work. He deployed volunteers based on their skills like medical support team and rescue support team. Under his leadership, the team was able to reach with relief for around 5000 people. At that time, he realized the importance of the psychosocial counseling for earthquake survivors and wants support of the National Volunteering Program (NVP). Being the coordinator of Dhading he feels more responsible and stronger. He sees a lot of difference in the skills  between rural and urban volunteers. However, after being a part of the largest pool of volunteers, NVP, he thinks that he can now complete all his pending goals. Under his leadership, he will expand the volunteer network towards all VDCs and wards and will assist local volunteers in coordinating with: Government officials, Non- profit organizations in relief, rescue and rehabilitation. Apart from social working, he is also the writer of books such as Vertex, Destinations, Aawaj Mutuko and Bal Boli. He has received the Kartikya National Child Talent Award- 2008, Kalpabrishya Honor- 2009, Tribute to Vertex- 2012 and many more.  

Jeetu Khadka, RAMECHHAP
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    Jeetu Khadka, coordinator of Ramechhap, is a proactive youth engaged as the president of Paurakhi Youth Agriculture cooperative and board member of the YSP Nepal. Currently, he is doing his masters in Rural Development. He has experience of the leadership training and facilitated training to the youth on self-entrepreneurs with optimum uses of local resources. He is interested in Youth Advocate and optimum uses of natural resources. He feels like he had become more responsible and stronger after he got the  opportunity to become a  district coordinator. He believes NVP to create space for youths to develop and grow. He confesses he want to increase the network in the district and wishes to organize orientation classes about NVP to the younth.  In his upcoming future, he aims to create the mass of independent youth and encourage them to stay in the country.

Laldev Bhatta, DOTI
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  Laldev Bhatta (30), coordinator of Doti, is currently doing his Masters in law. He has working experiences in the areas of human rights with Nepal Police Women and Children Service Center. After the earthquake, he got involved in awareness programs to stay alert in coordination with different organizations. He has facilitated different community development and leadership development trainings. He aims to devote his life on social working. He says he had been searching and thinking about being involved with volunteering. He sees himself honored and satisfied that he got this chance at NVP. He feels like he had been given a huge responsibility as a district coordinator and is very thankful. He promises to do well to serve the needs demanded by his position.    

Narayan Chaudhary, NEPALGUNJ
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   Narayan Chaudhari(25), is a member of Human Development Social Union who has completed masters in Education and is in the process of doing masters in Law. After the earthquake, he facilitated the training to the students. He has facilitated leadership training as well. His key areas of interest are to advocate for rights and conduction of youth oriented programs. He feels he had felt more responsible after being a district coordinator. By making a use if his position her mentions his desire to make change in his community and wants to build the concept about involvement of young people through NVP. He operates the NVP community through VDC. He also suggest orientation program from NVP. In the  future he sees himself working hard for people’s rights.               

Nir Bahadur Saru (Magar),PALPA
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  Nir Bahadur Saru (Magar)(34), coordinator of Palpa, is a well renowned International Taekwondo Player. He is a member of Nepal International Taekwondo Federation, an international referee and instructor of Taekwondo Federation. Also, he is a member of the FONIJ, an organization related to mass communication. During the massive earthquake, he was involved in distribution of relief materials. He is interested in social work and sports. I feel very fortunate and happy being a district coordinator after getting this opportunity I feel more responsible as well. I will expand the NVP and make the youth members. He says he feels very fortunate and happy being chosen as a district coordinator for NVP and for having given this responsibility. He wants to expand the NVP network and make the youth in his community more active. He aims on devoting rest of his life in social services.

Parbata Acharya, PYUTHAN
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Parbata Acharya, PYUTHANclose

ParbataAacharya (42), coordinator of Pyuthan, is a passionate social worker who has been selflessly contributing in the social sector for the 18 years. She is recently involved in national NGO federation (NGOF) as a National Vice President. After the quake, she went to Dolkha and with the help of 60 active volunteers from this place; she started to lead her quick response. She quickly deployed volunteers based on their skills. Like, medical support team and rescue support team. Under his leadership, the team was able to reach with relief for around 5500 people. Then, she realized about the psychosocial counseling for earthquake survivors and wants support of the National Volunteering Program (NVP). Her key area of interest is social work and wants to explore the quality and cost effective health related services to remote villages in her near future. BEING A DISTRICT COORDINATOR, she now feels more responsible and stronger. She feels honored and wants to thank for having given such opportunities. she promises that under her leadership she will try to expand the network of volunteers in all VDCs and Wards.  

Prajwol Dhungana, SARLAHI
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PrajwolDhungana (22), coordinator of Sarlahi has been selflessly contributing in the social sector for the last 4 years. He is an undergraduate student of arts, recently involved in HarionYuwa Club and Rotaract Club of Sarlahi. He was interested in the field of social sector development from a very young age. Before getting involved in NVP he was actively participating in YuwaPahichan. He has also attended trainings on personality development under Samudahiksahakari Sanchar for 15 days. His key area of interest is social work and wishes to be a social worker. Being a district coordinator, he feels responsible towards the society. He claims to have become more confident and thinks that his personality has gradually developed. He is very happy to receive this opportunity as district coordinator of Sarlahi, and hope to make good use of his position.    

Prem Shankar Shah, RAUTAHAT
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Prem Shankar Shah (28), coordinator of Rautahat, has been volunteering in Red Cross. He has attended trainings related to Career Development and First Aid through Red Cross. He is entirely indulged in volunteering and is very passionate towards changing the society through volunteering.  His key area of interest is social working and wishes to be a responsible citizen. As he recently got selected as the District coordinator of Rautahat he had been putting a lot of effort searching for volunteers. He claims to be very happy and content about working with NVP.  

Raj Kumar Bhattarai, NUWAKOT
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Raj Kumar Bhattarai, NUWAKOTclose

Raj Kumar Bhattarai (44), coordinator of Nuwakot, has been contributing in a social sector for the last 22 years. He is one of the inspiring leaders motivating youngsters. Currently, he is affiliated to Nepal Red Cross Society as a vice president and president on Loktantrik G.S.S. Mahasang. After the massive earthquake, he worked on rescue and relief works especially helping the disabled and ill people. He provided training to the young people of Nuwakot about the health and leadership. He mentions being very thankful towards NVP for giving him responsibility as the district coordinator and also feels  honored being given this chance. He feels like he has become more responsible.He is very happy to work with Pradip Khatiwada (National Coordinator) and NVP itself.He wants to work for marginalized people and empower them. He wishes to devote his life on social working. He especially wants to work for homeless elders and children.    

Rasmi Shilpakar,BHAKTAPUR
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Rasmi Shilpakar,BHAKTAPURclose

Rasmi Shilpakar(28), coordinator of Bhaktapur is currently working as an Area Business Manager in Indian pharmaceutical company PANACEA BIOTEC. She is involved in Jaycees movement since 2009 and is the charter president of Bhaktapur lady Jaycees. Currently she is serving as National vice president of Nepal Jaycees. She has volunteered many health camps, awareness campaigns and social work group. Apart from social work, she has keen interest in public speaking and politics. When asked about her future plans, she aims to be a successful business woman.  

Rebika Karki,OKHALDHUNGA more_vert
Rebika Karki,OKHALDHUNGAclose

Rebika Karki(28), coordinator of Okhaldhunga, is a proactive full time student studying bachelor in Humanities. She is working as liaison between the VDC coordinator and NVP. She has experiences of the leadership training from our CEO Shilshila Acharya and Chair Person Prasant Singh. She has also worked as RJ. Apart from volunteering she has keen interest in social work. When asked about her aims, she wishes to become a social activist.

Renu Kumari Gaud,NAWALPARASI
Renu Kumari Gaud,NAWALPARASI more_vert
Renu Kumari Gaud,NAWALPARASIclose

Renu Kumari Gaud(21), coordinator of Nawalparasi, is a young and energetic activist studying bachelor’s level. She is working as a teacher and supervising the informal education as well. She has attended trainings on health, sanitary and drinking water. Apart from social work and volunteering she is interested in writing and public speaking as well. She aims to be a social worker.  

Sabita Koirala, SURKHET
Sabita Koirala, SURKHET more_vert
Sabita Koirala, SURKHETclose

Sabita Koirala(24), coordinator of Surkhet, is an enthusiastic social activist who recently started to work for child security. Previously, she was involved in rescuing flood victims and their rehabilitation program of backward society education Nepal. She also worked as child reporter for local FM and antenna foundation Nepal. She also led psychological counseling programs for flood victims and very determined to expand her works in the affected areas. She aims to lead the social development via volunteering.

Sagar Karki, CHITWAN
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Sagar Karki, CHITWANclose

Sagar Karki (24), coordinator of Chitwan is an active Engineer graduate currently leading a WASH project for earthquake affected VDCs through Action Nepal as a WASH Engineer. When he was studying in class four he formed a child club and started his volunteering work. Since then, he has been aproud Volunteer. He is a co-founder of youth initiative ‘Yuwa Idea’, Founder chairman of ‘Kalpabriksha (2003-2008)’. Besides, he is a Scout and has a long experience of serving through Red Cross as well. He leads a strong team of young energetic youths from Chitwan and together they have started  ‘#betterchitwan’ campaign. Apart from volunteering, he is a part time writer, an artist and loves to play with colors. He aims to get involved in youthful activities and share his social life through volunteering.    

Sangam Babu Shrestha, GORKHA
Sangam Babu Shrestha, GORKHA more_vert
Sangam Babu Shrestha, GORKHA close

TSangam Babu Shrestha (26), coordinator of Gorkha, is a Health Assistant in a journal medicine and one of the vice presidents of the Gorkha District. After the massive earthquake he did volunteer in Gorkha Hospital, as a medical student, and provided medical support reaching out to 35 VDCs of Gorkha District. He gave free checkup to around 1965 earthquake survivors. Recently, he is working in Gorkha Technical Training Center as an instructor and takes the classes on CMA and Pharmacy, and Pharmacology. Similarly, he also teaches Anatomy and Physiology in Gorkha Technical Gotech. He had experiences of taking lots of leadership program. Apart from medical services, he has keen interest in social work and help the needy people. He aims to explore the quality and cost effective health services to remote villages.  

Savitri Subedi, BARA
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Savitri Subedi, BARAclose

 Savitri Subedi (26), coordinator of Bara, is a student studying Political Science. She usually volunteers against rape cases in Terai Region. She is currently affiliated with a women rights based organization, Lets Work for Nepal. She previously worked with Red Cross as a volunteer. She has also worked for Rakshya Nepal for 5 years as Terai Pramukh. She took a training related to personality development and gave a training session related to Women Empowerment in Kalaya. After earthquake she volunteered for several months in Sindhupalchowk through Rakshya Nepal. Apart from social work, she is interested in nation development and politics. When asked about what aim she wants to pursue in her upcoming future, she wants to begin her career as a politician and aims in becoming the president of Nepal. She is really happy and proud to be a part of NVP.  

Suraj shrestha,KAVRE
Suraj shrestha,KAVRE more_vert
Suraj shrestha,KAVREclose

Suraj Shrestha (27), coordinator of Kavre district, is an active youth activist currently working as a web admin for an Australian Based company (finder.com.au). He is also the Immediate Past District President of LEO 325-A2 Nepal. He led the relief works and distributed tent/blankets, mineral water to some parts of kavre, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur. He also led 100+ volunteers in different activities like food packaging, organizing health camps, line management in camps, collecting clothes from well off family and distributing to needy families, safety pack distribution, health counselling, psycho- social counselling for kids.  Apart from volunteering, he has very keen interest in social work and disaster management. When asked about what aim he wants to pursue in his upcoming future, he wants to make volunteering more vibrant. Even though he had not been involved in NVP, he is really happy to expand nation first motto with NVP.

Tara Karki, DADELDHURA more_vert
Tara Karki, DADELDHURAclose

Tara Karki (34), the coordinator of Dadeldhura, is the regional coordinator of Mahila Shakti Bikas Kendra and is passionately dedicated for women empowerment currently leading various programs targeting the nature of women in her workplace Dadeldhura. She has been advocating for the rights of woman, providing woman leadership, orientation classes for the school students and providing various skillful trainings for the economic empowerment of women. She has lent her supportive hands for the women during the time of civil war. She has also worked as a social mobilizer for Government of Nepal, Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation in her district. When asked about what aim she wants to pursue in her upcoming future, she eyes on becoming an advocate for woman empowerment. Even though she had not been involved in NVP, she is really happy to finally get the opportunity to work with NVP.