NVP district coordinators get training on sustainability

Posted at 20th December, 2015

20 December 2015
National Volunteering Program (NVP) organized two days long training on Sustainability under the Impact leadership Development Program for all the district coordinators that NVP has appointed so far. The objective of the training session was to educate the district coordinators the importance of sustainability and the various approaches on sustainable development.
The first day started with a formal session inviting Mr. Tulasi Prasad Gautam - Joint Secretary of National Planning Commission as the Chief Guest, Mr. Shivaraj Chaulagain, Director of National Development Volunteers Service as Special Guest of the program.
Shivaraj Chaulagain mentioned the importance of volunteerism in Nepal and also poured some bitter experiences as volunteerism and spirit of youth were not recognized by nation when it went through the massive devastating earthquake.
Prashant Singh – Founder/CEO of Himalayan Climate Initiative, Shilshila Acharya – Head of Programs at HCI and Palzom Pradhan – CEO of Climate Alliance of Himalayan Communities and Head of Sustainability at HCI mentored the 14 district coordinators on the three pillars of sustainability: Environmental sustainability, Social sustainability and Economic Sustainability.
The second day of Impact Leadership Development Program, Shilshila Acharya elaborated and provided the clear glimpse of all the program at HCI that promotes the theme of sustainability and inclusion. District coordinators also discussed the disaster need assessment techniques and possible NVP district fundraising.
The two days learning accelerated when Mr. Shivaraj Chaulagain motivated the district coordinators and National Volunteers to keep the spirit high and keep volunteering for the nation. All the district coordinators were handed certificates by the Mr. Chaulagain himself.