About Us

Nation First: Volunteer. Learn. Lead.

National Volunteering Program (NVP) is a joint program of Government of Nepal, National Planning Commission (NPC), National Development Volunteers Services (NDVS) and Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI). NVP is set up in the aftermath of disastrous earthquake that hit the country on 25th of April, 2015. NVP inspires Nepali citizens to volunteer for the country, enrolls them, provides them orientation, and deploys them in relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts. NVP expedites the volunteers to develop projects in this regard, and use innovative means to raise resources to implement such projects.

NVP aims to create and maintain a pool of at least 20,000 committed volunteers to provide help to the government, its development partners, and other philanthropic initiatives addressing social, environmental and economic contingencies emanating from the recent earthquake and beyond. NVP volunteers work in coordination with the national and local government agencies across Nepal while undertaking their duties. NVP collaborates with like-minded civil society groups and organizations working across Nepal.